What is a “LEMON?”

Over the weeks I was without a vehicle, I read a lot about legal descriptions of so-called “lemons” and I must say, it is amazing, how much you can find on the internet. There are lawyers specialized in settling claims, and a lot of them are not holding back with their experiences.

Depending in which state or province you live, you can call your car a lemon, once it was in the shop between 3 and 4 times for the same problem.

Beside this, “the greater the number and the greater the length the car was out of service, the more substantial the defect.”


Oh yes!.. In 2 cases the car was back 4 times – the last case was finished after 5 weeks on July 25th, 2002) – so I can say by law: “I got a lemon.”

This was my 8th. Mercedes-Benz. I was more than happy with the first 7 – why would I go with another one?