Telling The Truth

One incredible tool for the consumer in today’s market is the internet. As long as you are telling the truth, you can post your experience with a manufacturer or dealer on the web.
Mercedes-Benz and Lone Star Inc. (Calgary) had been notified about the presence of this web page and they have been asked to contact me, if they find anything wrong of any of the statements made. So far I did not hear any comments or requests for changes, except the quality of the sales manager’s picture – sorry, I did not have a better one.

There are some issues, I am aware about: For most of the repairs I did not get an invoice, since it was under warranty. I asked Lone Star Inc. (Calgary) by fax (July 30th. 2002) to provide me with the complete service history to prove every single statement on this web site and to show this information to a lawyer of my choice to look further into this matter.
I promised, that I will not make this web site available for the general public, before August 1st. 2002. The offer I received from Lone Star Inc. (Calgary) was not acceptable and the web site is freely accessible now – and submitted to search engines.

I promised, not to publish the detailed figures of the lease (price of vehicle). and unless Lone Star Inc. (Calgary) releases me from this promise, I won’t have this MBCC Lease quote online.

On several pages I call the vehicle in question a lemon… Am I allowed to state this?