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Best Wedding Venues in Connecticut

A wedding is not just a traditional ceremony that paves a way to the culture that we nourish and respect. It is also a soulful union of two people who are deeply in love with each other, deciding to live together throughout their lives- bounded by either religion or law and even both. It is a private and an intimate ceremony as well as a formal and a legal one. With all that, it’s a display of love and celebration.

weddings are made special with great venuesEvery detail of the wedding matters a lot. One of which comes as such a great priority is the venue. Here in Connecticut, variety is not a problem but picking the best place can be difficult. Not to worry though because we’re here to help. Take a look at this list and see the best wedding venues, in no particular order, that you can choose for your upcoming wedding.

o The Riverhouse at Godspeed Station – This place embodies elegance and uniqueness. If you want your wedding to be very classy but modern at the same time, then this is the best pick. The space is great and provides a very private ambiance so that your wedding becomes even more intimate.

o Candlewood Inn – Sometimes, all it takes is a breathtaking view and a contemporary ballroom place for comfort and entertainment, especially if there’s a band you hire for your wedding in Connecticut. At night, the open sky glares with the stars above, the same way with how the lake glitters during the day. This three-acre area is an impressive vast venue for your awe-inspiring wedding.

o Aria – Glam and sophistication are the exact words that describe this venue. In here, you’ll see European inspired ballrooms, beautiful halls, and a grandiose staircase balcony. Every photo in each angle will show the posh side of your wedding.

o The Hangar at Candlelight Farms – If you prefer something that’s closer to nature, then you have to see this place for yourself. A rustic themed wedding would be perfect in here with its natural pond, lovely wood barn, and rolling hills. The outdoor feel will make you enjoy the occasion and the fellowship better.

o The Society Room of Hartford – The name of the venue itself gives off a glorious and a classic vibe which is very evident through its dramatic presentation. Marble columns, flowy staircases, muraled ceilings, and exquisite accents complete the fabulous dream. With its somewhat royal draw, it’s going to be difficult not to feel like a princess on your wedding.

o Cascade – Cascade offers luxury not just with its great venue but also through service. It’s perfect combination in and out is showcased through crystal chandeliers, terrazzo, waterfall gardens, piano foyers, and cathedral ceilings. Your special wedding will be even more special here.

garden weddings look best in Connecticuto Woodwinds – This place is tailored to a perfection of grace and beauty. This European Country Manor boasts their marble dance floor, magnificent garden, lovely staircase, and a landscaped patio. Whether you have a few guests of 75 people or a significant number of 600, this reception will happily accommodate them for you.

o The Barns at Wesleyan Hills – The best thing about this venue is how it can offer you different kinds of a fairytale. Add up the lights on their gorgeous willow trees and your wedding becomes dreamy at night as you exchange your vows. The English historical barn is not just for rusty themes but even for elegant country themes too.

o Saint Clements Castle – Bavarian architecture and French Tudor is the highlight of this place. If you’re Princess Peach and Mario has finally swept you off of your feet, this castle is the right reception for the best day of your lives. It’s just wonderfully exquisite with its water views, smooth lawns, beautiful sunken gardens, and idyllic courtyards.

o Wadsworth Mansion – Focusing on formality and splendor, this wedding venue accommodates one event only throughout the day. It does not just pack elegance but also some real history with it. Your day will go beyond unforgettable.