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Major Turn-Offs For Women during Dates

dating girls even without your carAlmost every guy would agree that it is hard to impress women during dates, especially for the first time. Women have different standards when it comes to liking the man who they will be going on a date with and you do not need a flashy car to that! If the guy likes the girl, he will definitely need to do anything in his power to make a lasting good impression on her.

You don’t have to be extra careful when you are dating. At least, you have to avoid doing things that women find annoying or disgusting. Here is a guide on what major turn-offs that the girl you are dating may find unimpressive during your date.

1. Being narcissistic

There are actually guys who spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror and making sure that they look great than girls. Dating & matchmaking will be well-spent if you look good, but overdoing it is not recommended. They also spend time checking their suits, their shoes, their hair, even if they are on dates.

Narcissism in men is a major turn off for a woman. While it is okay to make sure that you look good, anything more will not help you with your date. Make the girl you are dating with the center of your focus during your date.

2. Being overenthusiastic

Overenthusiastic in this regard means trying to make your date as interested as you in your likes or hobbies. It can be a good thing if the girl is into the same hobbies or interests as you. However, if not, you can come off across as boring and annoying.

Try to cover a more general topic and take hints about which things interest your date the most. Don’t just talk non-stop about what you are interested in. You surely will be able to find something where both of you share a common interest with.

3. Being cocky

It is annoying for many women if the guy brags about his political connections, how influential his family is, or how much he is earning every month. Do not be cocky. Instead, be humble. Treat the other party with respect. Humility is one of the many things that women admire in a guy. If you are too cocky, chances are, gold diggers and other individuals who will only use you, not love you, will go along your way.

4. Being boring

Whether you admit it or not, there will surely be times when you just find talking to another individual very boring. This is actually one of the biggest turn-offs for women. In most cases, girls want to be with someone who can make them laugh or make them enjoy every moment of the date. For you not to be boring, you need to strike a conversation that revolves around what your date likes. Keep things interesting for her.

5. Being oversensitive

Surely, a woman loves to be with a sensitive man who knows how she feels at a certain time. A sensitive man is observant about the feelings of the girl he is dating with and will make sure that he does everything for her.

However, being oversensitive can be a major turn off and annoying trait. Constantly asking her about her emotions, whether she is okay or not during the date may piss her off. Be a gentleman but do not go beyond that. As always, moderation is the key.

These are only a couple of the major turn-offs that women find in men. There are still many others but you should be fine if you already watch out for these five major turnoffs. Know these by heart and avoid being the man that your date do not want to continue dating with.