My Opinion

This Mercedes Benz ML320 was leased in September 1999 and I wanted to buy it out this fall. This car supposed to put me into a position, where I have a reliable vehicle – winter and summer – to get me out of my property and to customers.

Until April 1999 my son was taking care for the on-site service calls and deliveries. He had a 4×4 and that vehicle got him anywhere and under all weather conditions. Unfortunately he died in a motor vehicle accident on April 6th. 1999.

My previous vehicle, a MB 300TDT had only one problem: Starting it during the winter months – even if it was plugged in.
Comparing the two vehicles – a 14-year old diesel and an almost brand new ML320 – the ML320 caused far more problems in regards of canceling appointments, being late or simply not being able to get to clients at all.
From my point of view: A really bad investment! I lost all the equity I had in the car, the old wagon (which is part of the equity), additional warranty, all the lease payments, extra insurance for the SUV, useless repair expenses and a considerable amount of lost revenue.
I was not mad, that I got a lemon – I was getting mad about the way these people think, their customers are fools.
Over the years, I recommended a lot of people to buy a Mercedes-Benz – quiet a few bought one and all of them went to Lone Star Inc. (Calgary). This will end – actually it stopped a few weeks ago.
Browsing through the internet, I found that Mercedes-Benz is fighting a judgment in favour of another unsatisfied MB customer – this is a solid route to screw up your reputation.
If you have a bad product or a lemon – most customers will understand it, as long as you get it replaced or somehow straightened out – if it cost the customer serious money, he/she will get mad!