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Welcome to a really sad experience


It finally happened – The media realizes how bad things are around Mercedes Benz:

“Fortune Magazine Features This Website”

Purpose of this Web Site

Originally this web site was set up for the purpose to let Mercedes-Benz and the dealership know about the troubles I had with this 1999 ML320 and to give them the opportunity to iron some things out – now it is to warn others about the
M-Class and the way Mercedes-Benz is dealing with their customers.
Mercedes-Benz and Lone Star Inc. (Calgary) acknowledged that something was wrong with this car and they came up with a “special offer”: A new lease, which was $200.00 higher than the original one. Considering the trouble I went through, the expenses and the amount of breakdowns/repairs and time I had to live with over 3 years – this offer was an insult to me. Here are some highlights of my ‘experience’:

After I picked up the car in September 99, I was able to drive 200km before I had to bring it in: The engine light flashed – it turned out to be an emission valve which failed.

Taking possession in September 1999, the A/C worked the first time on July 25th. 2002 for more than one day (6 weeks before I will return the car) and it took 5 weeks to get it fixed – I was for over 4 weeks without transportation.

After I drove it for about 6000km, there was a bad ground, causing that ALL dash lights started to flash, the engine lost power, the wipers – front and back – started and the horn was going non-stop. A 3-weeks repair of which I got for 2 days a courtesy car – and I drove 3 times off the lot without having the problem solved.

Paint problems: The car is full of rock chips – ok, we live in Calgary – but this one has more on the tail gate at 43,000km than our 6-year old van on the hood at 140,000km – driving the same roads. The car in question was never driven on a gravel road or off-road. Chips on the top of the hood, on all 4 doors, the tailgate and yes – on the roof – I have not seen anything like this in my 40-years driving experience.

If you think this is all… there is far more to report – not only problems with the car but also maintenance issues and attitude problems from Mercedes-Benz’ side…