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Finding A Nursing Job After College

If you are a new graduate, then you are mostly suffering from the very familiar concern that all new graduates face – you must have enough work experience to get a good job. You are not alone in worrying about that. For that reason, it is imperative that you take note of various strategies that will allow you to get a decent job as a nursing graduate.


It is highly recommended that you take advantage of internships. Your school may offer you various internship opportunities so explore them. Internship means that you are working for free the entire time. However, interns are often the ones on the employer’s short list for hire since they are familiar with the facility already. That is one of the good things you can take advantage of when you go for internship programs.


Lots of nursing programs have entry-level job placement opportunities for nursing graduates. Talk with the school to see what placement programs are being offered. Look for those who already have experiences in the said program too. You may even opt to sign up for those classes with clinical training. This can helNot only can you get the opportunity to meet with potential employers, but working in nursing programs with career placement opportunities may also uncover a specific interest you never know you had.


If you want to foster a professional career, then mentorship programs are great options. Getting to know other professionals in the field may also help you realize future career goals. You can ask your instructor or even your family doctor to be your mentor. Their skills, knowledge, and advice are helpful resources worth taking advantage of.


For those students who have great time management skills, then they might find it useful to get a position as a student nurse. If a hospital or a clinic is close to the school, they can also see if they can take up a position there, especially as an assistant or for in-patient care. Upon graduating, you might even be offered advancement opportunities.


This is pretty much similar to internships in that you won’t get paid. However, there is a difference between the two in that you won’t have to compete with a lot of people just to get a volunteer position. You can volunteer for organizations such as Red Cross. Your volunteer experiences can also improve your resume. It may be rare, but there are cases when your volunteer position becomes a paid position over time.


All schools, both public and private require a nurse inside to attend to any student who might become sick. There are many places to find these type of jobs, including NYC school nurse jobs that can be with the Department of Education. School nurses have the same nursing degrees and tend to have much better hours of work, including holidays off.


You might find it useful to work a PRN or pro re nata position. This particular position offers a flexible schedule and good pay. The only thing that you should know is that the said position may not give you the chance to work on the discipline that you desire. However, you will still build enough experience right after graduation if you work a PRN position. The experience you build through this position can be used as a credential if you want to apply for another nursing-related job in the future.


Networking is very crucial regardless of the career you belong to. In fact, it is even more imperative in the medical field for you to keep in touch with a lot of people, especially those who are in the medical field. You never know who among your friends can give you a very amazing job opportunity.


You will usually find it difficult to apply at state-of-the-art clinics right after graduation. That is why you should gain more experience first before you apply to such places. To gain additional nursing-related experience, consider working at group homes, hospices, elder care facilities, or correctional facilities.

Buying Your First Skydiving Gear? What to Know

If you know someone who has ever bought a rig, you will know that it is a very personalized process. What one person considers to be right may not work well for another individual.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to seek maximum advice from coaches and instructors at the Drop Zone before completing the purchase.

While the Internet is full of credible information, only a person who has been witness to your jump and has engaged you in a discussion will be able to advise you on the right choice.

Why the right gear is necessaryIf you are still not sure of the right questions to ask, approach your drop zone’s Chief Instructor for further assistance.

Taking the decision to buy

It is said that you should ideally invest in skydiving gear for yourself only after being certain that you wish to pursue skydiving as a regular hobby.

If your plan is to continue doing so only sporadically – say no more than twice a year – then the investment may not be worth it from an economic perspective. Find more on SkydivingDZs best places to get skydiving gear for detailed availability and requirement in the region.

However, if you are planning on doing so every month or so, then it will be worthwhile to purchase your own diving gear.

When you buy your own equipment, it helps you save money each time you go for the drop and allows you to familiarize yourself time and time again with the same piece of equipment.

This is the single most important thing that can help you improve your overall technique while making you more comfortable when in the air than when on the ground.

One drawback of having rented gear is that you need to adjust yourself to a new set of equipment every time and that could be a hassle for some.

Components to be bought

Anyone who has taken skydiving training will know that there are four components to a parachute system, also known as a rig:

  • Container system or harness
  • Main canopy
  • Reserve canopy
  • AAD

Every part has several options to work with, and you can mix-and-match components from different manufacturers. They usually have a good level of compatibility with common AADs being accommodated in the standard container systems.

  • Container

Buying a container revolves predominantly around three criteria:

  • Features
  • Canopy or container size
  • Harness size

The containers are usually made as per the measures of the original purchaser, so you need to buy something that was built for a person who is similar in size to you.

The original specifications could have different measurements to it, but if you are buying from the second-hand market, you will usually find them listed as per weight and height.

These parameters usually prove to be good enough for determining the sizing. However, it is always advisable that you try on the container if possible.

See if the rig offers a snug fit while not becoming uncomfortable and look for good alignment of the laterals and hip rings with your hips. It is recommended that you seek advice from an experienced rigger, jumper, or instructor to get the best know-how on the matter.

  • Main canopy

You have a range of sizes and shapes to choose from while deciding on the main canopy. It’s worth noting that size is not always the most important factor.

The canopy design is just as important in terms of deciding whether the rig is suited to your size or not. Considering a large number of canopies available, it is wise to seek expert advice on choosing the ideal canopy.

Your peers are not the right people to help you here since their opinions will be largely referenced around their respective canopies, which will be different from what you own. If possible, do a test jump with your preferred main canopy before making the purchase.

  • Reserve canopy

As far as the choice of reserve canopies is concerned, you have a limited number of options to work with. There is very little difference in terms of their cost, docility, and reliability.

You will jump less frequently with a reserve, so online reviews are the way to go here rather than the first-hand experience. It also helps in filtering out models that do not live up to the expectations.

Modern reserves are typically 7-cell, though some older five cells still exist in the marker. A lower aspect ratio and fewer cells are considered to be more docile while trading off flare power.

A good-quality reserve lasts around 20 years on an average with a fairly linear model of depreciation. If you are struggling to find your ideal pick in the second-hand market, don’t shy away from splurging on new equipment.


Known as an Automatic Activation Device, this is equipment being mandated in several drop zones around the world. An AAD will last long, averaging around 15 years, and need to be maintained well over its lifespan.

Some options are military-grade but increasingly making their way into the civilian market. Second hand AAD units are also top-rated among those averse to spending big on a new one. Nevertheless, a new unit offers better value in the long term, while renting is always an option.

Used equipment vs. New equipment

Advantages of buying used equipment

  • A cheaper alternative to buying new gear
  • Depreciation is usually less
  • Immediate availability and can be purchased without a deposit
  • Can be used for a test jump before deciding on the final purchaseCanopies that do their purpose

Advantages of buying new equipment

  • These are made to your specifications so the fit and comfort will be better
  • Built as per your choice of colors, so you get to look good
  • Assurance of quality, you can skip the hassle of double-checking with a rigger
  • Lead time is known so you know exactly when you can get your hands on it

If you are looking to save some money, start by making purchases of second-hand parts. For every piece of equipment that you don’t find in the resell market, you can purchase a new one.

Ensuring Safety with Windshield Wipers

Most decisions made by drivers are based on a clear unobstructed view of the road ahead, which makes good visibility essential, especially during wet weather.

This means that windshield wiper blades are among the most important driving safety components on any motor vehicle.

Working windshield wipers are essential when driving during a rainWindshield wipers have a squeegee effect – each time the thin rubber blade moves across the windshield the droplets of water are pulled away from the driver’s field of vision.

Some wiper blades may look okay, but they do a poor job of wiping when put to the test. Others are in obvious need of replacement because they’re cracked, torn, split or show brittleness, or otherwise clearly showing signs of wear and tear.

Regardless of their appearance, if the windshield wipers are chattering, streaking or otherwise failing to wipe cleanly and consistently, the wiper blades should be replaced.

Replace Wiper Blades Regularly

Leading wiper blade manufacturers Trico and ACDelco both recommend windshield wiper blades should be restored every six months for maximum performance and good visibility when driving.

If left unchanged, all windshield wiper blade materials will eventually fall victim to environmental factors. Exposure to sunlight, ozone, and even atmospheric pollution causes the rubber to age, also if the wipers aren’t used much.

As for windshield wiper blades will wear out, flexibility can be an issue as they become old and getting them to clean effectively become a challenge. They may exhibit a continuous curvature, preventing it from achieving full contact with the windscreen.

This tends to be more of a problem on vehicles that are parked outside in the hot sun all day. The sun bakes and hardens the rubber, and when the wipers are needed, they streak and chatter because they can’t follow the curvature of the windscreen.

Heavy Use is Hard on Wiper Blades

Heavy use can be hard on wiper blades because dust, abrasives, and road grime wear away the edge that the blades need to wipe cleanly.

As the blade loses its edge (which is precision cut square to maximize the squeegee effect), water gets under the blade and remains on the glass. The result is reduced visibility and poor wiping action.

Any blade that’s chattering, streaking or doing a poor job of wiping, therefore, is a blade that’s overdue for replacement. The same goes for any blade that is cracked, torn, nicked or otherwise damaged.

A simple check is to try the windshield washers on a dry day. If the windshield wiper blades are not in a reliable state when they attempt to wipe the washer solvent off the glass streaking, chattering or any other problems will be plainly obvious.

Check the Windshield Washer System Too

This test also provides the opportunity to check how well the windshield washer system’s performing. Do both squirters work? If not, a nozzle may be plugged with dirt or a hose may be kinked or have come loose.

Check that the spray hits the windshield where it’s supposed to. If it doesn’t the nozzles need adjusting.

Also be sure the windshield washer pump delivers an adequate stream of solvent. If the stream is weak, the vehicle may have a weak washer pump, or a clogged, kinked or loose hose.

Most windshield washer reservoirs have a screen to filter out debris that could clog or damage the pump. If this screen itself is blocked by debris, it can choke off the flow of solvent to the washers.

After checking the windshield wipers, check the rear wiper too. After all, it’s just as important to see what’s behind when backing up in the rain as it is to see what’s up ahead.

Replacing windshield wiper blades isn’t difficult and almost anyone can make this a simple DIY project.

And remember, whenever a windshield wiper blade replacement is needed, always replace both blades at the same time even if only one appears to be worn.

Best Wedding Venues in Connecticut

A wedding is not just a traditional ceremony that paves a way to the culture that we nourish and respect. It is also a soulful union of two people who are deeply in love with each other, deciding to live together throughout their lives- bounded by either religion or law and even both. It is a private and an intimate ceremony as well as a formal and a legal one. With all that, it’s a display of love and celebration.

weddings are made special with great venuesEvery detail of the wedding matters a lot. One of which comes as such a great priority is the venue. Here in Connecticut, variety is not a problem but picking the best place can be difficult. Not to worry though because we’re here to help. Take a look at this list and see the best wedding venues, in no particular order, that you can choose for your upcoming wedding.

o The Riverhouse at Godspeed Station – This place embodies elegance and uniqueness. If you want your wedding to be very classy but modern at the same time, then this is the best pick. The space is great and provides a very private ambiance so that your wedding becomes even more intimate.

o Candlewood Inn – Sometimes, all it takes is a breathtaking view and a contemporary ballroom place for comfort and entertainment, especially if there’s a band you hire for your wedding in Connecticut. At night, the open sky glares with the stars above, the same way with how the lake glitters during the day. This three-acre area is an impressive vast venue for your awe-inspiring wedding.

o Aria – Glam and sophistication are the exact words that describe this venue. In here, you’ll see European inspired ballrooms, beautiful halls, and a grandiose staircase balcony. Every photo in each angle will show the posh side of your wedding.

o The Hangar at Candlelight Farms – If you prefer something that’s closer to nature, then you have to see this place for yourself. A rustic themed wedding would be perfect in here with its natural pond, lovely wood barn, and rolling hills. The outdoor feel will make you enjoy the occasion and the fellowship better.

o The Society Room of Hartford – The name of the venue itself gives off a glorious and a classic vibe which is very evident through its dramatic presentation. Marble columns, flowy staircases, muraled ceilings, and exquisite accents complete the fabulous dream. With its somewhat royal draw, it’s going to be difficult not to feel like a princess on your wedding.

o Cascade – Cascade offers luxury not just with its great venue but also through service. It’s perfect combination in and out is showcased through crystal chandeliers, terrazzo, waterfall gardens, piano foyers, and cathedral ceilings. Your special wedding will be even more special here.

garden weddings look best in Connecticuto Woodwinds – This place is tailored to a perfection of grace and beauty. This European Country Manor boasts their marble dance floor, magnificent garden, lovely staircase, and a landscaped patio. Whether you have a few guests of 75 people or a significant number of 600, this reception will happily accommodate them for you.

o The Barns at Wesleyan Hills – The best thing about this venue is how it can offer you different kinds of a fairytale. Add up the lights on their gorgeous willow trees and your wedding becomes dreamy at night as you exchange your vows. The English historical barn is not just for rusty themes but even for elegant country themes too.

o Saint Clements Castle – Bavarian architecture and French Tudor is the highlight of this place. If you’re Princess Peach and Mario has finally swept you off of your feet, this castle is the right reception for the best day of your lives. It’s just wonderfully exquisite with its water views, smooth lawns, beautiful sunken gardens, and idyllic courtyards.

o Wadsworth Mansion – Focusing on formality and splendor, this wedding venue accommodates one event only throughout the day. It does not just pack elegance but also some real history with it. Your day will go beyond unforgettable.

Getting Rid of Tummy Fat Quickly

Lots of us, especially women, are becoming more and more conscious when it comes to body weight and shape. But the question is, do we really have to worry too much about our weight and shape?

big and muscular frameA person with a hefty weight can either be because of having too much fat in the body or simply because they are big, tall, and packed with muscles (e.g., The Mountain, Game of Thrones). Then here comes the minimal belly fat. It doesn’t cause us to weigh too much, but it just seems too uncomfortable for us to ignore and it would even make us lose our confidence.

Hearing the words “muffin top” might sound like it refers to something delicious but that’s the term for the fat that rolls just above your hips when you wear tight jeans. It may seem flattering, but I assure that it doesn’t look like it. If you are concerned about your growing belly fat or if you already have a grown one, here are some of the things that you can do in order to reduce that tummy fat- quickly!

1. Relax

The best thing about being relaxed and calm about whatever situation you might be worried about is that it does not simply bring you benefits when it comes to your mental health but it also affects the body. There are recent studies that show how the level of your stress can influence the rate of your weight gain. When your adrenal glands are triggered, it produces a hormone known as “cortisol,” in other words, the stress hormone.

When this hormone increases, your appetite will also increase and furthermore, adds the stored fat around your belly. If you are aware that you stressed or you think you are not, try to engage yourself in fun and exciting activities. I would even suggest that you do Zumba dance classes as it’s a great way of hyping up your energy, burning fat, and enjoying the dance steps at the same time.

2. Watch What You Eat

avoid carbs and sweetsFood is great. No matter how much we deny it, it’s just challenging to say no to food. Even just by thinking of food it could already make you hungry as your appetite increases and so does your craving. The only problem is that not everything we can eat is healthy. Sometimes, the tastiest and the most delicious ones are what causes our body so much trouble. Take sugar for example. This is what keeps your dessert sweet and your favorite soda tastier. However, it may taste sweet, but the results of taking in too much of it are bitter beyond what you can think of.

Sugar is made of glucose and fructose. The fructose part is what makes things tricky because it can only be metabolized by the liver. When a person starts overeating food or drinking anything with lots of sugar, the fructose overloads the liver, and then it turns into fat. This would then cause an increase in your tummy fat. Aside from the ugly cosmetic changes in the body, this could also link to some of the most chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, and obesity.

Another addition to the list of things that you have to consume less is carbohydrates. There are lots of research studies that serves as a proof of how carbs can affect our weight. A low carb diet can significantly decrease a person’s water weight in which you can instantly see the result. You don’t have to eliminate it in your diet but even just by avoiding refined carbs such as pasta and white bread would already make such difference. The benefits of doing this are not just good for physical looks but also in health as it also improves the condition of those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome.

3. Exercise

All of these won’t be as effective without exercise. We’re not going to suggest that you should do hundreds of crunches a day because it won’t do you any good to reduce that belly fat. Instead, check out the PT rates at Trophy Fitness to get cardio exercise recommendations. Doing cardio and aerobic exercise will certainly decrease the fat in your abdominal cavity, and it also keeps you healthy. Of course, you have to maintain it and keep it as a part of your lifestyle in order to make sure that you won’t gain that tummy fat, you won’t see any muffin top, and you live a healthy way of life.

Major Turn-Offs For Women during Dates

dating girls even without your carAlmost every guy would agree that it is hard to impress women during dates, especially for the first time. Women have different standards when it comes to liking the man who they will be going on a date with and you do not need a flashy car to that! If the guy likes the girl, he will definitely need to do anything in his power to make a lasting good impression on her.

You don’t have to be extra careful when you are dating. At least, you have to avoid doing things that women find annoying or disgusting. Here is a guide on what major turn-offs that the girl you are dating may find unimpressive during your date.

1. Being narcissistic

There are actually guys who spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror and making sure that they look great than girls. Dating & matchmaking will be well-spent if you look good, but overdoing it is not recommended. They also spend time checking their suits, their shoes, their hair, even if they are on dates.

Narcissism in men is a major turn off for a woman. While it is okay to make sure that you look good, anything more will not help you with your date. Make the girl you are dating with the center of your focus during your date.

2. Being overenthusiastic

Overenthusiastic in this regard means trying to make your date as interested as you in your likes or hobbies. It can be a good thing if the girl is into the same hobbies or interests as you. However, if not, you can come off across as boring and annoying.

Try to cover a more general topic and take hints about which things interest your date the most. Don’t just talk non-stop about what you are interested in. You surely will be able to find something where both of you share a common interest with.

3. Being cocky

It is annoying for many women if the guy brags about his political connections, how influential his family is, or how much he is earning every month. Do not be cocky. Instead, be humble. Treat the other party with respect. Humility is one of the many things that women admire in a guy. If you are too cocky, chances are, gold diggers and other individuals who will only use you, not love you, will go along your way.

4. Being boring

Whether you admit it or not, there will surely be times when you just find talking to another individual very boring. This is actually one of the biggest turn-offs for women. In most cases, girls want to be with someone who can make them laugh or make them enjoy every moment of the date. For you not to be boring, you need to strike a conversation that revolves around what your date likes. Keep things interesting for her.

5. Being oversensitive

Surely, a woman loves to be with a sensitive man who knows how she feels at a certain time. A sensitive man is observant about the feelings of the girl he is dating with and will make sure that he does everything for her.

However, being oversensitive can be a major turn off and annoying trait. Constantly asking her about her emotions, whether she is okay or not during the date may piss her off. Be a gentleman but do not go beyond that. As always, moderation is the key.

These are only a couple of the major turn-offs that women find in men. There are still many others but you should be fine if you already watch out for these five major turnoffs. Know these by heart and avoid being the man that your date do not want to continue dating with.

The 5 Types Of Private Charter Planes You Can Choose


When people hear about private charter planes, they immediately think that these are only for the wealthy individuals. This is due to the expensive cost of buying or even renting out a private plane for charter. Although it will be more comfortable and convenient to ride one, most individuals typically complain about the cost. However, you do not need to be rich just to be able to experience flying in a private plane. All you need to do is organize a couple of friends in one group and split the rental cost. You will find out that you can enjoy the experience without having to break your bank. You just have to remember though that most private air jets have restrictions as to where they will be landing. They may not be able to land on certain airports that you wish to go to.

There are five different types of private charter planes that you and your companions can choose from if you decide to go with this experience. These classifications are typically based on three main factors. These are amenities, range, and size.

Light Jets

The first type is the light jet. A light jet has the capability of accommodating five up to eight passengers. This type of plane typically needs only one pilot for its operation. It is also considered as the lightest airplane among the other types. Private plane companies offer these light jets to cater to those people who will travel to destinations that do not have commercial airports with long runways. Although it does not have more space for other types, it is the most economical, especially if you only need to travel a short distance. It can travel up to 500 miles per hour and can go full two hours non-stop. Most light jets do not have lavatories, though, because the trips are only for short distances.

Turbo Prop Planes

A turboprop plane is considered as the smallest private aircraft among these types. This plane can accommodate about five to eight passengers, just like a light jet. However, it can go full four or five hours non-stop travel. It can also land in various environments, especially when leaving from New York City, whether it is snowing or even in the water. The company will only need to attach snow skis or amphibious floats to the bottom parts for such landings to become possible. When landing on solid ground, they can land on short and rough runways because of their great maneuverability and sturdiness.

Mid-Size Jets

From the name itself, the mid-size jets are slightly bigger than light jets and offer more interior or cabin space for you and your companions to move about. They also offer bigger space for your luggage. A mid-size jet is capable of accommodating six to eight passengers and can run up to seven hours full time non-stop. This type of jet is perfect for those families who are going on vacation, especially when visiting islands.

Super Mid-Size Jets

The next type is the super mid-size jet. They can carry about nine and even up to 12 passengers. This type of private charter plane can take off as well as land both in international and local airports. A mid-size jet also offers luxury and amenities on a smaller scale, such as optional entertainment and spacious cabin and galley, among others. It also has a high-altitude capability and high speed which makes it a very good option for transcontinental flights.

Large Cabin Jets or Heavy Jets

Lastly, you can also opt for a large cabin jet, or also known as a heavy jet. It can accommodate at least 10 passengers. It can also travel up to nine full hours non-stop. In most cases, this type of jet has several amenities such as full pull-out tabletops and even sleeping quarters for the comfort of the clients. You will also see flight attendants who will attend to your needs as well as the needs of your other companions.

For you to be able to choose the right type for you and your companions, you will have to determine how many members you will be in the group. It is important to know the number of passengers also to determine the type of jet you should go with. Aside from that, you also have to take your budget into special consideration.

What Mechanics Do To Diagnose Auto Issues

mechanic diagnosing car troublesWhen you are recommended to get a computer diagnosis for our automobile, you might think that there is seriously something wrong with your car. You might even start estimating in your head just how much it will cost you when the said diagnosis leads to serious repairs. However, computer diagnosis is not something a car owner should be overwhelmed with. It is just one of the common practices that mechanics take advantage of to identify problems, especially on microprocessor-controlled cars.

If you are given the recommendation of getting a computer diagnosis for your car, you shouldn’t be alarmed. Truth be told, the said diagnosis is a more efficient and cost-effective method for mechanics to diagnose car problems. Be sure though that the mechanic handling your repairs explain to you exactly what will be done to your car before you authorize any work. Computer diagnosis is just a generic term covering a wide range of automotive operations, after all.

Once you take the car for a diagnosis, the mechanic will raise the vehicle with mobile column lifts to see if there is any issues under the bed. The mechanic then uses a diagnostic tool to identify any recorded problems. This tool is a diagnostic software which accesses the automobile’s reporting and computer system. Through this software, the mechanic gets a report regarding the monitored problems and logged faults. By performing a car diagnostic test, a wide range of problems are revealed. These problems are usually associated with the vehicle’s oil tank, transmission, petrol tank, exhaust system, and various other car components.

With the majority of today’s cars, you can bet that there are already computer processors, sensors, and microchips installed in them. These tools can then be linked to the dealership’s or mechanic’s car diagnostic computer scanner. Diagnosing car problems are easier with these modern cars then.

Car diagnostics is certainly an extremely useful tool when it comes to diagnosing problems in a vehicle. It benefits the mechanic since the latter can easily identify the problem and repair them in the quickest way possible. Especially with the modern cars, the mechanic can obtain the generated fault codes stored in the car’s memory system. These faulty codes can tell the mechanic whether the problem is in the brakes, suspension, engine management, or the windscreen wipers.

Since the faulty codes in modern cars are detailed, the mechanic can quickly and accurately carry out repairs. Since it takes less time to do the repairs, owners can save on the cost. Moreover, since the problems are fixed while they are still in the early stages, owners can save big. The owner can also spare himself or herself from the stress of a broken car.

Some cars have an even more sophisticated software, though. For these cars, a mechanic can get details about ignition timing problems, fuel injector performance, vehicle engine issues, and even the firing of the ignition coils. It can also tell the mechanic detailed information about air and coolant temperatures, engine RPM levels, camshaft and crankshaft position, as well as the throttle opening. The details are helpful during the car repair.

A diagnostic test is an important tool for diagnosing auto issues. Moreover, it is not a tool that just anyone can use. Only certified mechanics can use the said tool properly and accurately. They know how to read the fault codes in car systems too.

It is not a far-fetched advice for homeowners to entrust their car problems to certified mechanics. They are the only one who can provide you accurate diagnosis regarding your car problems. Moreover, you can entrust the repair to them if any problems are requiring immediate attention. Your car is surely in good hands if you rely on the diagnostic tests carried out by a well-certified auto mechanic.

Welcome to a really sad experience


It finally happened – The media realizes how bad things are around Mercedes Benz:

“Fortune Magazine Features This Website”

Purpose of this Web Site

Originally this web site was set up for the purpose to let Mercedes-Benz and the dealership know about the troubles I had with this 1999 ML320 and to give them the opportunity to iron some things out – now it is to warn others about the
M-Class and the way Mercedes-Benz is dealing with their customers.
Mercedes-Benz and Lone Star Inc. (Calgary) acknowledged that something was wrong with this car and they came up with a “special offer”: A new lease, which was $200.00 higher than the original one. Considering the trouble I went through, the expenses and the amount of breakdowns/repairs and time I had to live with over 3 years – this offer was an insult to me. Here are some highlights of my ‘experience’:

After I picked up the car in September 99, I was able to drive 200km before I had to bring it in: The engine light flashed – it turned out to be an emission valve which failed.

Taking possession in September 1999, the A/C worked the first time on July 25th. 2002 for more than one day (6 weeks before I will return the car) and it took 5 weeks to get it fixed – I was for over 4 weeks without transportation.

After I drove it for about 6000km, there was a bad ground, causing that ALL dash lights started to flash, the engine lost power, the wipers – front and back – started and the horn was going non-stop. A 3-weeks repair of which I got for 2 days a courtesy car – and I drove 3 times off the lot without having the problem solved.

Paint problems: The car is full of rock chips – ok, we live in Calgary – but this one has more on the tail gate at 43,000km than our 6-year old van on the hood at 140,000km – driving the same roads. The car in question was never driven on a gravel road or off-road. Chips on the top of the hood, on all 4 doors, the tailgate and yes – on the roof – I have not seen anything like this in my 40-years driving experience.

If you think this is all… there is far more to report – not only problems with the car but also maintenance issues and attitude problems from Mercedes-Benz’ side…